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Running a business is hard work, leaving you with zero time to unravel the complexities of your marketing strategy or develop a valuable and engaging online presence. At AIMA, we get it – and most importantly, we’re here to help you take control with our Colorado-based digital marketing services.

Our experts make it their personal mission to provide you with the tools and guidance needed to implement automation with your digital marketing services and more.

AIMA positions you as an industry leader to drive more leads so that you can grow your business. Our process includes:

  • Evaluating and organizing your current digital marketing assets
  • Identifying what’s needed to support your marketing efforts
  • Developing and advising you on authority building strategies
  • Integrate and implement today’s technologies of automation that drive leads

Unlike other marketing firms, our priority is to support you as a top leader in your industry with our digital marketing services. Together, we’ll help you confidently harness the tools and power of today’s technologies to establish an unforgettable digital footprint that stands out and grows your authority.

AIMA digital marketing services

Colorado Digital Marketing Services


Digital Marketing Strategy

By partnering with you, we will help you take control of your digital marketing activities by providing smart, tried and true tactics.

  • Customer Value Optimization
  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Funnel Positioning and Optimization
  • Campaign Optimization


Marketing Automation

Together, we’ll explore options to streamline your digital marketing, nurture leads and capture more sales – all while saving you valuable time.

  • Strategy Development
  • Software Training
  • Campaign Implementation


Optimizing & Remarketing

AIMA will help you get the word out far and wide. We’ll provide the tools you need to drive new leads, follow up with prospects and convert sales.

  • Site Optimization
  • SEO
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Marketing

What We Do for You

AIMA Digital Marketing specializes in authority build marketing strategies and automated marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Our in-depth review of your business enables us to reveal and provide you with new opportunities.


We provide you with the knowledge and insight to take control of your digital marketing.


Our digital marketing experts will identify the tools and channels needed to maximize impact.

To get started with AIMA, please request a FREE consultation!

AIMA Helps You Achieve Your Goals with Colorado digital marketing services

We know that small business owners here in Denver are pulled in a million different directions. Should you allocate the already limited resources to your brand strategy or digital marketing? Perhaps better e-commerce solutions or a more consistent social media strategy? Or maybe a guesstimated mix of all the above? AIMA’s unique approach means you don’t have to choose. As a partner in your success, we provide everything you need.

  • You’ll get hands-on, personal support from a Certified Digital Marketing Professional with over 20 years of experience as a small business owner and serial entrepreneur.
  • We’ll help you put together a smart, actionable and strategic digital marketing plan that delivers the best bang for your buck, and teach you how to manage the implementation process to ensure your experience is streamlined and cohesive.
  • When needed, we’ll advise you on securing the creative talent needed to communicate your message and help your brand stand out across the digital marketing landscape.

Most importantly, with our Colorado digital marketing services and the guidance of our team of top professionals, we’ll give you the insight and tools you need to take control of your marketing strategy. While a typical agency will keep you in the dark, AIMA Digital Marketing believes that empowerment is the key to long-term success.

How Can AIMA Help Grow Your Business?

Digital Marketing

We’ll help you get organized, advise you on strategy and help launch campaigns to capture new leads for your business.

Automated Marketing

We’ll show you how to use cutting-edge software to support your digital marketing and save you valuable time.

Strategy Development

After assessing your business, we’ll provide actionable steps that will help achieve your digital marketing goals.


To increase your search rankings and drive traffic, AIMA will advise you on analyzing and fine-tuning your website content.


We’ll show you how to reconnect and close even more sales with prospects that showed interest but didn’t engage.

Social Marketing

AIMA will help you zero-in on what social media platform is the best way to reach and attract new customers.

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